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Celebrate native and indigenous culture in St. Ignace this summer

posted by: on: May 23, 2019 7:07:35 AM


Our town of St. Ignace is rich in history and local culture. Even before its declaration as an official town in 1671, it was the home of many Native Americans whose descendants still call St. Ignace home today. This summer, there will be many events and celebrations honouring the Native American history of St. Ignace, offering locals and visitors alike the opportunity to learn about the history of the Mackinac region and the many Native American tribes and groups that called the area home and continue to do so today.

St. Ignace Heritage Days | July 12-14

The annual St. Ignace Heritage Days event shines a light on life as it was in St. Ignace in the 1760s. At this 3 day festival, you can learn how to make traditional birch bark baskets and the art of making hand drums. There will be lots of live music, interactive educational events, and much more - it’s an event that the whole family will love! You’ll also get a chance to try some traditional local foods, so bring your appetite!

Intercontinental Indigenous Art Show | August 16-September 2

This exhibition goes above and beyond in its representation and celebration of native and indigenous art from not only St. Ignace, but all around the world. This travelling art show features South and Central American art made by native artists using both traditional and modern techniques. This exhibit aims to foster communication between indigenous artists and the viewers, thus cultivating relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous groups and deepening understanding of one another. By appreciating and honouring the native history and culture of a place through art, new residents and visitors can deepen their own relationship with that place in turn.

Rendezvous at the Straits Powwow | August 23-25

This 3 day event will celebrate our local history by teaching attendees and visitors what it was like when French voyagers met the Native American inhabitants of the St. Ignace area long ago. The event will feature a reenactment in costume to allow spectators to immerse themselves in this piece of history, plus a traditional family Powwow showcasing local Native American celebrations and traditions. Stay tuned for more details as the event date approaches!
Best Western Harbour Pointe Lakefront is honoured to be a part of our local community and we love sharing our town’s history and culture with all of our visitors and guests. Native American culture is something we cherish and celebrate in St. Ignace, and we can’t wait for you to experience its wonder this summer as you get to know our local community. If you’re staying with us, we’ll make St. Ignace feel like your home too. Did you know we’re the only local accommodations offering a nightly beach bonfire and marshmallow roast? We think it’s a perfect way for our guests to get to know each other as they get to know our town, and share the stories they’ve learned during their visit.